Research the best MBA admissions consulting for yourself

Research your way to find the best MBA admissions consulting for your needs

We considered it, our friends considered and you possibly know some one who is considering it. Almost all business school applicants, at some point, consider if partnering with an MBA admission consulting firm would help their admission process. The reasons are clear, applicants look towards finding the most appropriate and reachable schools and preparing their best applications; and the MBA admission consultants promise to do just that. At stake are the higher education, long term career ambitions and entrepreneurial goals, two years of life and the opportunity cost.

We have got many opportunities to speak with prospective applicants and all applicants want to ensure that they are trusting the right partners. At times, they discuss their previous, not-so great experiences with consultants and other times, they expect to receive a sample work from the consultants. Here, we are writing a post in an attempt to list some common and recommended parameters that prospective applicants may want to consider if they contemplate working with the professional firms.
Some parameters can be:

1. Experience
2. Support and friendliness
3. Transparency and honesty
4. Professionalism

Experience, focus and accountability

The business of MBA admission consultancy, has become competitive and we have seen the firms disappear shortly after their launch. The team of MBA alumni, with a promise of delivering expertise, somehow could not render the support that the applicants really needed to prepare those winning application. While you research about the consultants, you may consider:
Client reviews: the testimonials which are made public by the consultants on their own website, could be one option. Another way could be to check with them and connect with their old clients and know what worked for those clients. If you are being referred to a consulting team by your friends, nothing like it.
Checking the experience:how long have they been in business would help you determine not only if they have the expertise but also if they have worked with diverse applicants, with typical as well as atypical profiles. Application writing requires a combination of business school application experience, personal perspectives developed by working with diverse applicants and ability to identify and connect the relevant dots well to build a powerful story.
At ApexWriters:
1. We have worked for over 11 years and have studied, analyzed and experienced what works for the most successful applicants.
2. We do not spread ourselves thin, we limit ourselves to business school admissions and do not engage in offerings such as GMAT prep, career or visa counseling. In addition, we are readily available for direct communication but are not available across various forums and discussion boards. For us, it means that we keep our bandwidth for our intended offerings.
3. We feel accountable and we honor the privacy of our applicants. We do not publish or share names or identifiable details of our clients without their permission. At the same time, we request our clients to share their stories and experiences if they find appropriate as that can serve as independent reviews and believable testimonials for other applicants.


Imagine how would it be if you have a deadline to meet in the next 24 hours and your consultant is not answering your emails or calls, nightmarish! Or how would it be if in order to sign-up for services, you would first need to go through a screening call where the team can access your profile and decide to help only if they feel that you could add to their success rate.
In our experience, connecting with the team and ensuring that they are there with you is very important part of building comfort and trust with your prospective MBA admission consultant.
At ApexWriters:
1. Our 9+ years of experience is available for all. We do not make pre-sign up calls or emails mandatory, however, you are welcome to connect with us by scheduling your call and speaking with us about your candidacy and our offerings.
2. We offer a unique and convenient model of online presence, which ensures that our expertise is available to everyone across the globe.
3. Dedicated client relationship manager: We understand the need for quick and right communication. Apart from your consultant, you can also reach your dedicated client relationship manager in case of any questions/feedback and issues. Ensuring that you have a seamless experience while writing your applications is our priority.
4. WhatsApp reach: Quick questions need quick answers and we understand that. You may now discuss your questions on our dedicated whatsapp gateway:



Sunny assessments of your MBA candidacy is a pleasure for your ears, but overly optimistic view of your profile can land you in trouble. A consultant is expected to pass on the benefit of his experience and encourage transparent, open and honest communication to help you find the best programs to realize your MBA dream. It is in your best interest to check that the firm is open and transparent in its operations.
At ApexWriters:
1.We encourage you to schedule your call with us to discuss your profile, schools, application strategy and check the suitability of our partnership in MBA application process. We are known to be one of those consultants who share the insights to arm you with the right decision making, being well aware that it is not exactly in our professional interest. So, go ahead and schedule your 30-minutes call with us today.
2. We encourage you to get the portion of one of your essays reviewed/critiqued/edited for free. There are two reasons for this – One, feedback on your own essay is going to give you a much better idea about the ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenario than looking at some random sample on the web. Two, we are able to honor our non-disclosure clause with our enrolled clients and yet stay flexible in providing you a sample of our work.
3. We publish our engagement fee and current promotions on our website. No ‘get in touch with us’ or ‘contact us for pricing’ instructions at ApexWriters. We share our revenues with you for a referral, for writing feedback and offer you savings for multiple schools. Transparent pricing puts things strait and save your time and energy that you might spend in exchanging emails in getting the pricing and negotiating the same.
4. Our sign-up process is completely online. There are no hidden charges and we do not prepare special invoices for special clients. What you see is what you get. Just select the service, sign-up and start immediately.


It is not encouraging to hear stories where applicants miss the deadlines because of team’s laxity or bandwidth or do not get the promised services. We have learned form the experiences of our applicants and our own experiences in consulting space to ensure efficient, technology enabled and empowering experience to you.
At ApexWriters:
1. We take pride in our on-time delivery. If you are on time, we are before time. Over these years, we have not had a single applicant who has complained us of defaulting on deadlines, and this is some accomplishment.
2. We are flexible and we encourage you to create a custom service for your needs if our carefully crafted our end-to-end packages are not serving your needs. You can check our services or email us to customize your services.
3. We embrace technology. From monitoring deadlines or tracking documents to instant online checkout, we always work towards using technology for effectiveness. We switched from email to password enabled digital document management system in 2008, and we have reduced our turnaround time by over 25%, giving peace of mind to applicants and simplifying the document management process.

Each firm has core strengths, and you might like one firm over the others for the reasons best found by introspection. So, please follow your reasons and do a comparative assessment of the shortlisted firms to find the right one. MBA application writing, attending the preferred program and living your dream job are right ahead. Wish you all luck!

How to view a rejection or a ding from business school

How to handle a rejection or a ding from business school and prepare for reapplication

Warren Buffet (rejected by HBS) and Scott McNealy (Once from HBS and Stanford), co-founder of Sun Microsystems were not spared, you might experience the same. This trek to your dream school is often long and arduous, and the odds are daunting. Stanford GSB turns down 94% of the applicants, MIT and Haas would accept only 14 out of 100 and only half of all who apply to Rotman, actually get in. It would be interesting to see a compilation by Poets and Quants that picks up profiles that got rejected by HBS in round-2 last year.

Yes, a ding will sting. When you slave for months – filling out ‘n’ application forms, penning down essays, chasing supervisors and professors for recommendation letters, requesting friends for reviewing those essays and shelling out high application fees – only to end up getting rejected! Disbelief and devastation can set in when your friends, even those who scored less, get accepted at more than one university, while you are dinged everywhere.

So what to do? Either break down, or take a break. Take our words and go with latter to give yourself some time to check and regroup your thoughts and energy. Seek comfort in friends or a long-lost hobby. Moving on, make introspection your priority. A post mortem of your application can reveal much about your aspiration, where all you went wrong, should you reapply to the same program or another, and how to go about it.

Ask yourself these tough questions, among others:
1. Are you sure that you want to do an MBA? What are your reasons?
2. What are you willing to let go to pursue your MBA dream?
3. Your GMAT falls within the preferred score range?
4. Do you have stellar recommendations?
5. Do you shine out as a leader/team player/initiator or innovator?
6. Do you work for a renowned company or you have a position of responsibility at a smaller firm?
7. Do you have the required work experience to benefit the most during your time at b-school?
8. Did you opt for the right programs?
9. Were you able to do the best you could while preparing your applications?

This is also the time to ask yourself if an MBA is a ‘must’ in your scheme of things? Are the best performing CEOs in the business all MBAs? Are successful entrepreneurs MBA graduates or they just spent hundreds of hours perfecting their art like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? If you conclude that an MBA is not just the thing for you, your uniqueness, your passion and your success, this is okay. Get going.


However, if the little voice in your head confirms an MBA dream, know that you should re-apply with the confidence, credentials and conviction of a winner. Re-crafting your MBA application without considering all the reasons for previous rejections can be disastrous. Your MBA admissions partners would be right here with a comprehensive and focused Application Rejection Analysis to analyze each component of your application in detail to ensure that you have an admission committee perspective to your last application.

Connect with us today to discuss how can we support your Re-application. Schedule your free consultation

Best MBA Admissions Consulting Service from ApexWriters

This is our Best Admissions Consulting Service for MBA applicants.

As statistics have it – getting admission into top 10 programs in 2015-2016 was slightly harder than it was in 2014-2015. The average acceptance rate at top business schools was just 15.5% and the applications were up by 3.7%. An average applicant applied to 3.5 schools, and the class size remained almost the same.

We understand that each compelling application requires significant time, planning, and introspection. Trusted friends or professionals can not only be a good support system but also our accountability partners.  At ApexWriters, we have carefully crafted our comprehensive service to ensure that you have the best chances of selection.

Our end-to-end service includes a detailed study of your profile and suggestion on selection of schools, finding the best consultant who you can work with, conducting comprehensive brainstorming calls for generation of story ideas, supporting you in constructing the essays, editing the admission resume, helping you freeze your recommenders and preparing you for the interviews.


Team ApexWriters wishes you all the best for your applications.

We are just right here when you need us. Schedule a call with us now to discuss your profile. We are also available on WhatsApp for your quick queries, please connect now +91-992-003-8667.

US universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degree for MBA

US universities accepting 3 years bachelor’s degree or 15 years of education for MBA


Do B-Schools in US accept 15 year Education for MBA?
Yes, many schools do.

3 years bachelor’s or 15 years of education
Some undergraduate degrees like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in countries such as India are usually of 3 years, which completes 15 years of study (12+3). Under US education system, the undergraduate or bachelor’s degree is completed in 4 years. Therefore, many universities are not comfortable accepting a bachelor’s degree with only three years of studies.

Can you get your three-year bachelor’s degree evaluated?
WES is a not for profit credential evaluation service. It recognizes some three-year bachelor’s degrees from India as equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Some conditions that it considers are –

1. The degrees are earned in first division
2. The awarding institutions are accredited by India’s National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a grade of “A” or better.

Some schools that accept three-year undergraduate degree are:

  1. Harvard Business School –Official Link for confirmation
  2. Stanford Business School –Official Link for confirmation
  3. University of Chicago-Booth –Official Link for confirmationPlease see for complete list

    Every year the number of U.S. universities accepting three-year undergraduate degrees is growing. We keep updating our database, and we will also suggest you the check the admission FAQs of the business schools or check with the admissions office before applying.

    Did you get through a US business school with 15 years of education? Your comments will be helpful for others. Please feel free to share.

MBA Deadlines 2016-2017 – create your own countdown tool

Comprehensive MBA Deadlines 2016-2017

It is already that time of the year when business schools have started announcing the MBA deadlines for 2016-2017. The admission game usually begins by selecting the schools, checking and tracking the deadlines. We have created a customized deadline tracker and countdown generator for the applicants of 2016 -2017.

You can not just view the most updated deadlines, but also track them. You may add the specific deadlines to your page and start the countdown. Please start in time. Good luck !


We update our list of deadlines frequently to ensure that we are able to maintain an up to date and comprehensive list for you

MBA Deadlines 2016-2017
Actual screenshot from