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Profile Analysis and Business School Shortlisting

Researching MBA programs requires you to search schools' websites and visit various forums, attend information sessions, initiate networking with current students/alumni and visit school campuses, when feasible. So, you should start in time and do your due diligence.

Uninformed selection of schools has certain risks. You may underestimate the strengths of your profile and end up without applying to the better MBA programs you deserve. On the other hand, you may apply to all strong programs and the outcome might turn negative because of the mismatch between your profile and schools' expectations/offerings.

Applying to every school has some associated costs...
Action Cost
GMAT Preparation, if joining a study center INR 20,000-30,000
Books and Resources INR 5,000-10,000
GMAT test fee INR 12,000
GMAT additional score reporting INR 1,300
TOEFL Test fee INR 8,500
TOEFL additional score reporting INR 850
Application fee per school INR 3,000-14,000

After spending significant time and money, you would want to apply to the schools where you have more chances of getting accepted than others. Here, you start your search.

Money saver tip: If you are able to create your short list before taking the GMAT, you can save substantially on additional score reporting fees.

When should you consider opting for shortlisting service?

What we do and what can you expect?

We read your responses to the questionnaire and analyze your resume. With experience of over five years, our consultants can closely recommend the schools which you should consider applying to. Your candidature and preferences are matched with the database containing profiles of our admitted clients in the previous years. The exclusive database that we maintain helps us rate your chances of getting accepted in a particular school as per your current qualifications.

Our Workflow:

Preview of the school selection worksheet:

Timeline: Within 48 hours upon receiving your inputs

Pricing: You can buy our Profile Analysis/Business School shortlisting service here