ISB-PGP vs Pamplin-VTech - MBA class profile, statistics and rankings comparison
ISB-PGP vs Pamplin-VTech - Comparison of class profile, statistics and rankings
ISB PGP Class Profile Pamplin VTech Class Profile
MBA program rankings
Financial Times ( MBA rankings 20
USNews MBA rankings
Forbes business school rankings
Business Week Rankings
The Economist MBA Rankings
Wall Street Journal MBA Rankings
Class profile
Average GMAT score 710
GMAT score range 670 - 750
GMAT score range (Middle 80%) 710
Average GPA
GPA range
Average work experience 5 years
Work experience range 2.7 ? 7.5
Total applications
Admitted applicants
Final enrollments 767
Female students 28%
Average age of students 27 years
Age range of students 25 - 30
International students in class
Countries represented
Married students 20%
Students with children
Pre-MBA industry background
Technology / Communications
Venture capital / Private equity
Financial services
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals / Biotech
Consumer / Retail
Undergraduate majors
Humanities / Arts
Business / Economics
Engineering / Computer
Engineering 73%
Computer Science
Science / Math