Business School Rejection Analysis

Pricing: You can buy our Business School Rejection Analysis for just INR 15,000.

"After careful consideration of your application, I am sorry to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place in the class of 2017..."

Dreadful, discouraging and numbing (but, frequent)!
We do not expect such emails after all the hard work, months of prioritizing and after building hopes for the next phase of our life. Receiving a rejection or a ding is not only frustrating but also discouraging as it can make us question our candidacy and its aptness for a business school admission. If you have been denied admission, then getting carried away and taking a decision in a jiffy, would not be helpful.

You deserve a good break to take stock of your personal and professional life, check your plan B, contemplate a re-application, analyze the possible reasons for rejection, request feedback from the school/s and go over your areas of improvement. After all, each application has and will consume your time, energy and money.

If you are contemplating a re-application, then the riskiest approach towards MBA re-application is to ignore the reasons for previous rejections. If it is difficult for you to self-diagnose the problem areas in your MBA application, please checkout how our team of experienced consultants can help you get the insights and developing a plan for the upcoming admission cycle.

When should you opt for this service?

What you need to do?

Our workflow:

What can you expect?

We read and analyze each component of your application in detail.

A detailed report is provided that covers the insight on possible reasons that might have worked against your admission. Typically, the report covers:

Please take a note that, the essay assessments and critiques that we provide here are detailed and they help you identify the weakness and if the essays worked or not. The critiques also highlight the specific reasons. However, they are not the full-bore critiques that we offer in our critique/editing service.


Application rejection analysis is completed and a report is prepared within 48 hours of receiving of your response to the questionnaire.