Kellogg-EMBA MBA Essay Questions 2013 - 2014 and Writing Tips

Kellogg - Executive MBA MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2013-2014 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Why Kellogg EMBA (500 words)
  Why have you elected to apply to the Kellogg School Executive MBA Program?
Q2. Goals (500 words)
  What are your goals and objectives and how will a Kellogg Executive MBA help you achieve these? Please feel free to discuss both personal and professional goals.
Q3. Position data (500 words)
  Describe the unit for which you are responsible and relate it to the total organization in terms of size, scope, and autonomy of responsibility. What human resources, budget, and capital investment are you responsible for? Please describe your position.
Q4. Challenge (500 words)
  Discuss a professional situation that did not end successfully. Why did you or your peers consider the situation to have negative results? How did you resolve the situation? Did it change your management style? If so, how?
Q5. Skill (500 words)
  What do you consider to be your greatest skills and talents? How will you use these to contribute to an Executive MBA class as well as to a study group?

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