Bath-UK MBA Essay Questions 2008 - 2009 and Writing Tips

Bath School of Management MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2008-2009 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals, Why Bath MBA (500 words)
  1. What factors have contributed to your decision to embark on an MBA? Why have you decided to apply for the Bath MBA programme specifically? What are your professional goals and how will the Bath MBA help you achieve them?
Q2. Intl diversity experience (500 words)
  2. A significant number of our students possess international managerial experience. What experience and challenges have you had in working with people from different backgrounds/cultures other than your own? How have you benefited from this experience?
Q3. Challenges OR Uncertainty (500 words)
  3. Please answer either 3a or 3b: a) What are the main challenges facing managers and organisations in the 21st century? Please relate them to an organisation you know well. OR b) To what extent can managers plan under the conditions of uncertainty which characterise today?s business context?
Q4. Ethical dilemma (500 words)
  4. Describe a professional situation or ethical dilemma you found difficult to resolve. How did you deal with it? What have you learned from this experience?

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