St-Gallen MBA Essay Questions 2011 - 2012 and Writing Tips

St Gallen MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2011-2012 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals (500 words)
  Please detail your short and long term career plan. How do you feel the MBA in St. Gallen can help you in reaching your objectives? What is your backup plan should your immediate post-MBA plans not be successful?
Q2. Leaders (500 words)
  Our mission is to develop responsible leaders, who can master tomorrow's challenge. Why do you think you can live up to this mission?
Q3. Crisis (700 words)
  Option A: Euro currency crisis: What measures are required in your opinion to ensure the long-term survival and stability of the Euro?
Q4. Entrepreneurial venture (700 words)
  Option B: Detail the first steps you would or have already taken in establishing an entrepreneurial venture and targets you would set for long-term success.
Q5. Social network (700 words)
  Option C: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+; How and should a company integrate social networks into their marketing and communications mix? Please cite example companies/industries in your answer.
Q6. Kyoto targets (700 words)
  Option D:Give an example of a country that is successful meeting it's commitments to Kyoto targets while maintaining sustainability long-term economic growth. Explain the key factors in this success

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