Washington-Foster MBA Essay Questions 2011 - 2012 and Writing Tips

University of Washington (Foster) MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2011-2012 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals (1000 words)
  Applicants with a plan for the future and a good grasp of what is expected of them as MBA students are the most likely to succeed as MBA graduates. We know plans change and that people often pursue an MBA to create new career options. That said, we ask that you give us a clear statement of your current career plans. Your essay should answer all the following questions: What do you expect to do immediately after completing the MBA program? What steps have you taken to assess the viability of your post-MBA goals given your experience to date combined with your intended MBA study plans? What do you anticipate will be the primary challenges to achieving your career goals? What is your lifetime career goal? What unique aspects of the Foster MBA Program would contribute the most towards achieving your short term and long term goals?
Q2. Involvement (500 words)
  We consider a high level of involvement in student organizations, networking and career efforts to be a hallmark of the Foster MBA experience. Please describe your anticipated level of involvement as an MBA student beyond the MBA course requirements. In what specific organizations or activities will you participate? Where do you expect to make the greatest contribution to the overall MBA experience at the Foster School of Business? What aspects of your past or current life provide insights into your ability and willingness to consistently deliver more than the minimum effort required?
Q3. Situation at work (500 words)
  ChoiceA:Describe a situation in a work environment that either severely strained your relationship with co-workers or challenged your personal values. How did you resolve the situation?
Q4. Accomplishment (500 words)
  ChoiceB:At this point in your career what do you consider your most significant professional accomplishments? How have these particular accomplishments affected the career choices you have made?

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