UFl-Warrington-Hough MBA Essay Questions 2013 - 2014 and Writing Tips

University of Florida (Hough) MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2013-2014 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals (1000 words)
  Why are you returning to school to obtain your MBA degree? Explain how your prior professional experience and your UF MBA degree experience will contribute to your immediate post-MBA career plans and long term career aspirations.
Q2. Primary factors (250 words)
  Explain the primary factors that influenced your decision to apply to the UF MBA Programs.
Q3. Most valuable attributes (250 words)
  Define your two most valuable attributes and how they will positively impact the UF MBA program and your post-MBA employer?
Q4. Differentiating you (25 words)
  What differentiates you as a candidate, and why does it make you an ideal UF MBA?
Q5. Participation (150 words)
  List significant professional associations or civic organizations in which you have participated (in school, work, or the community). Include dates of participation and indicate whether you held any leadership positions.
Q6. Awards (150 words)
  List any academic, professional, or civic honors or awards you have received, or any other significant accomplishments you would like the admissions committee to consider.
Q7. Cross cultural experiences (150 words)
  Describe any significant cross-cultural experiences you have had outside of your home country. Include study abroad, exchange programs, extensive international travel, international work assignments, or residence in another country.
Q8. Hobbies (150 words)
  List any interests, hobbies, or recreational activities you currently pursue in your free time.

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