NotreDame-Mendoza MBA Essay Questions 2014 - 2015 and Writing Tips

University of Notre Dame (Mendoza) MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2009-2010 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals (600 words)
  What are your career plans immediately after graduation? Explain how your past experiences prepare you for your desired position. What are your long-term career aspirations?
Q2. Values statement (600 words)
  Option1 - The MBA Values Statement is an important guide for our students and the bedrock of our shared community values. Please review the MBA Values Statement and then choose the one value you believe has had the most impact on your professional career to date. Be sure to give a specific example of how you have lived out that value in your professional experience.
Q3. Failure (600 words)
  Option2 - What do you view as your greatest professional failure to this point? How do you feel that a Notre Dame MBA would change the outcome of a similar situation in the future?
Q4. Trust/lack of trust (600 words)
  Option3 - How has trust played a role in your professional experience? Give a specific example of how trust, or a lack of trust, has impacted your professional experience.
Q5. Little expertise (600 words)
  Option4 - Describe a time when you were given a project or assignment in an area that was not well defined or where you had little expertise. Please explain exactly what you did and what the result or outcome was.
Q6. Brand management (600 words)
  Option5 - What brand would you most like to manage? Why? How would you improve it?
Q7. Financial crisis/risk (600 words)
  Option6 - Walter B. Wriston, the storied late CEO of Citibank, wrote a book titled ?Risk and Other Four Letter Words? in which he postulated that society's greatness is commensurate with its ability to take risk and, thus, to reward risk takers. Given the financial crisis of 2008-2009, do you feel that banks took on an acceptable or unacceptable level of risk? Why or why not? In either case, has the financial crisis changed your view of careers in finance? If so, how?
Q8. Slide presentation (0 words)
  Effective business communication is a central skill for managers and visual presentations are an important and frequent method of communicate.Demonstrate your ability to clearly, concisely and persuasively communicate important information by telling us about yourself using a short slide presentation.

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