ISB-PGP MBA Essay Questions 2016 - 2017 and Writing Tips

ISB-PGP-Indian School Of Business MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2009-2010 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Re-applicant (300 words)
  How has your profile changed from the time you last applied to the ISB?
Q2. Three reasons (300 words)
  Give 3 reasons as to why you should be selected to the class of 2011. These reasons should ideally differentiate you from the applicant pool and should be backed with some data.

This is not only a 'strengths' question, try to think from the perspective of ISB too. What does an MBA student mean to ISB? Which students will be instrumental in improving the school? Next, identify six of your strengths and six qualities that ISB is looking for in its students. Now, three qualities which are common in both buckets can be addressed in the essay.

Next, you should identify a good example for each. Note that it is not so important to come up with 'unique' qualities but 'differentiating' examples. Your examples should demonstrate the depth of your extraordinary thought process in ordinary situations. Of course, all MBAs are humans so do not strain yourself by trying to find super-human examples.

Your essay is not complete yet. Scan again to see if these qualities cover your personality well. Did you end up writing all examples related to professional projects or community activities? Let these examples define different dimensions of your personality.

Q3. Challenging assignment (300 words)
  Describe a challenging assignment you have handled (at work or outside) to date. What were the challenges and how did you handle them. What were the personal learnings you derived from this assignment.

The biggest mistake that we have seen applicants making while writing such essays is highlighting an assignment which had multiple challenges. Though a good experience in itself, it does not work in a 300 words essay.

Identify a challenge, talk about 1-2 most difficult deliverables and do not deviate from the core challenge. Tell them why was this a major challenge and how did you solve it. Now, talk about the impact on your team, the project in question, your organization and yourself.

Think of a recent example, preferably from the last 2-3 years and avoid technical details. Avoid repeating any of the examples that you have used in your 'three reasons' essay.

Q4. Career progression (300 words)
  Briefly assess your career progression till date along with your assessment of your future career goals. Discuss how your career goals will be met by the ISB?s one year program.

Progressions, promotions and significant enhancements in your skills should be highlighted in the first part of this essay. You need not write about your responsibilities and projects if you do not deem them progressive in your career.

Goals question has been included in the ISB application for the first time. Broadly, applicants explain professional goals in terms of short and long range but given the words available, you should quickly touch upon your career goals and jump on 'how will ISB help'. Remember that ISB may be a significant resource not only for academics and networking but also for personality development and simulated and practical exposure. Which of them would be most important for you as an ISB student and later alumnus?

Make your goals discreet and realistic. You may be tempted to reuse the goals essay that you have written for other schools but remember that India is a different market altogether!

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