ISB-PGP MBA Essay Questions 2016 - 2017 and Writing Tips

ISB-PGP-Indian School Of Business MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2010-2011 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Compelling argument (300 words)
  If we were to admit one more student to the class of 2012, make a compelling argument as to why that student should be you?
R) A sales pitch! Quite similar to what they have been asking in three reasons essay in the past two years. ISB hunts for unique profiles and creates interesting class composition. To make your presence felt, talk about the 'wao' factor. It can be one strong reason, which differentiates you from others or that one thing may also be a track record of accomplishments or initiatives or aspirations. You have plenty to think about ? go deeper in your academics or recall special moments during college or think about how you have made your mark at your past/present work place. Remember though that you should highlight a sustainable factor.
Whatever you decide to write, keep in sight that ISB should not only like you as a candidate but also see how you can help ISB's brand as a worthy student and an alumnus. Yeah right, you need to not only do some soul searching but also connect with ISB students/alums/professors to understand what is valued at ISB and how can you make a difference.
Q2. Goals (300 words)
  What are your short term and long term goals? How will the ISB help you achieve the same?
R) This is the second time that ISB has included a typical career goals question in its application. A goals question can be very tricky to respond to, especially if you are not allowed to enter a single word above the 300 words limit. Visible or not, the question aims to know about your career progress, vision and possible path to follow. Here, the expectation is to understand how clearly you have understood your own strengths and charted out your aspirations. If you have good work experience under your belt, you should be specific about your goals. If you are not, you are at a risk of showing immaturity and wrong decision making by applying to ISB. Another part of the story - Why do you think ISB will provide you the right tools? You can talk briefly about how your goals flow from your work/personal experiences and what do you access as your weak links. Now, take inputs from your research about ISB and which 'specific' offerings will help you successfully achieve your goals. Wear your thinking hat and consider the clubs, courses, entrepreneurial opportunities, international immersion and other offerings at ISB. So, goes without saying, put special efforts to connect to ISB student body. Again, make your goals discreet and realistic. Do not get tempted to reuse the goals essay that you have written for other schools. Remember that India is a different market altogether!
Q3. Additional information (300 words)
  Please provide additional information, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB
R) Asking for additional information, yet this is not an additional question. After all, you have just got 600 words to talk about your candidature. Now use this space and get your imagination going. Review your application and write details supporting your candidature. Some things worth capturing can be your leadership experience; special achievements or circumstances . . . Do not make this a place to talk about a weakness in your profile unless necessary. And few words of caution: in previous years, some of the applicants have tended to brag. Believe us such responses easily stand out in the negative sense. Ensure that you draw a thin line between boasting and identifying genuine strengths.

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