NUS-Singapore MBA Essay Questions 2015 - 2016 and Writing Tips

National University of Singapore (NUS) MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2009-2010 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Diversity (300 words)
  NUS Business School seeks a diverse and unique class of future managers. How will your distinctiveness enrich our learning environment and enhance your prospects for success as a manager?
R) A fairly direct question, but the key thing to remember is to link your unique abilities and characteristics to your potential to succeed as a manager. You can choose to highlight a varied set of abilities or go into depth about just one or two qualities. Remember to not spread yourself too thin by making up a long list of distinctive features because in that case, you do not stand out distinctive at all! Rather pick up the qualities that you can justify with examples. Also, mention how your uniqueness will enhance the quality of classroom interaction and help you make a mark as a manager. For instance, when you talk about a significant sporting accomplishment, write about what this has done to your personality - like making you more persevering. Now, perseverance is a quality that can help you as a student and a future manager.
Q2. Teamwork (300 words)
  As a manager, you are likely to work with a team in order to accomplish a particular task. In a hypothetical group of six working towards the completion of a project in Corporate Strategy, describe your own role & responsibilities, and the qualities and characteristics of your ideal teammates.
R) This is an angled question which on the surface appears to be quite simple i.e about the team composition and your role. However, it is trying to uncover your understanding about how groups work in a typical MBA program setting and what can you contribute to such a group. To answer this, draw upon your background - both educational and professional, and will this help you participate in a discussion revolving around Corporate Strategy. Coming to your role and responsibilities, respond to the first part based on what kind of part you think you will play in such a group and then based on selection of this role, elaborate what responsibilities you see yourself carrying out. Link these to your strengths or alternatively to areas which you wish to develop. Pay equal attention to all segments of this essay; don?t dwell on just role and responsibilities. And for the team composition, refer to the backgrounds you think might be useful for a Corporate Strategy discussion as well as individual qualities of teammates which you think might complement each other.
Q3. Cross country trip (300 words)
  Suppose you had to choose two people alive now or people from another era to travel with you on a cross-country automobile trip. Who would you choose and why? What do you hope to learn from them?
R) There's plenty of opportunity in this question to show that side of you and those interests of yours which have not been brought out adequately in other essays. This is because your selection of people will reveal what kind of qualities and abilities matter to you and why. Therefore, use your imagination and don?t limit yourself to professionals from the business realm. At the same time, do not select such a personality of whom very little is known in the public domain. That said, you may still wish to choose someone from say, your family or social network, who is not necessarily world renowned. In such a case, it is important to strongly link this choice to what you intend to learn from them and why are they best suited to offer you advice in this regard. Also, for both personalities, bring out why the learning you get from them is relevant or meaningful to you.

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