SMU-Cox MBA Essay Questions 2010 - 2011 and Writing Tips

Southern Methodist University (Cox) MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2010-2011 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Goals (900 words)
  How did you come to the decision to pursue a graduate business degree? Are there specific skills you wish to develop or enhance? What are your post-graduate career goals? How will a graduate degree from the Cox School of Business help you in your professional development?
Q2. Challenge (900 words)
  Please describe a challenge faced in the workplace and the steps you took to resolve it. Would you make the same decision again? If not, what would you do differently?
Q3. Make a difference (900 words)
  The Cox School of Business seeks students who desire to become leaders with purpose ? those who will positively influence the global business community, whether in a small way or on a large scale. What have you done thus far in your career to make a difference?

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