Great-Lakes MBA Essay Questions 2011 - 2012 and Writing Tips

Great Lakes, Chennai MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2008-2009 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Strategy (400 words)
  Strategy is defined as synergy between values and do you think Great Lakes fits into strategy
R) You need to relate it to your personal career strategy and talk about your career/personal goals and the route you want to take to achieve them. You should talk about the importance of management education in pursuing your goals and then tie it with Great Lakes. Do your search about the school and see how you can relate to the school and its offerings.
Q2. Charcter (400 words)
  Character comes out in crisis.What do you think?
R) We all have been brought up in a certain way and depending upon our cultures and upbringing attach values to responsibilities, morals, duties, dependability and community. However, suddenly when a traumatic and unstable situation arises, all your effort go in a bid to survive. Responsibilities, culture and even character take a back seat then. This is when your true character comes out in open. These times test your patience, ethics and wisdom. This essay aims at understanding your side of the story. What do you think happens to you in crisis? Tell a short story when you handled a challenging situation. It may be conflict based or ethical dilemma based or any other. Tell what did you do and feel in the situation.
Q3. Heart has reasons (400 words)
  Heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of.Comment
R) One reason talks about the intentions and the second one about the logic. As they say the heart and mind are at the conflicting ends; one feels and other thinks. The kind of person who you are, depends on which between these two rules you? There are several times in your life when personal ambitions and professional obligations come head to head. Where did you see the reason? Which one did you choose and why? Think and give your analysis of a situation. How did you act?
Q4. Driven by money and power (300 words)
  It is alleged, that B-school students are driven by Money and Power and not service and sacrifice.Do you agree and if so how will you change this reality?
R) Your personal choice. Diplomatically, the statement may be partially true however take whichever side based on your facts and arguments. The true role of a manager is essentially service and sacrifice. Everything else should be secondary in an ideal world. Now think? can you change the systems and processes in such a way that students are driven by service and sacrifice and not by money and power? Give a realistic account of what you can actually contribute.

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