Balanced GMAT scoring tips | Real GMAT, quant and vebal test scores

Actual GMAT scores for GMAT tests taken in last two years

GMAT Scores corresponding to various Verbal and Quant scores of different applicants. This information will help you find where you stand and where you need to be. All the scores plotted in this chart are from the actual GMAT tests taken by the applicants in the year 2007 and 2008.

How to use this information? You can use this chart to find out where to focus. Take an instace where you're targeting a GMAT score of more than 730. From the 2008 chart, you can see that the minimum verbal that you will need is 38, and the minimum quant score is 49. To score at least 730, you, hence, should target Q:50 and V:39. The 2007 chart shows almost a similar story. Except that for a 3 point dip in quant score, you will have to make up heavily by upping your verbal score by 7 points.

Tip #1: To increase your score, focus on verbal. The verbal score mainly determines the final GMAT score since the quant score moves in a fairly narrow range.

Tip #2: Most applicants do reasonably well in quant. Faltering a little in this section can lead to a sharp drop in quant percentile. So don't let quant be your weak point. At the same time, don't harp on it to increase your overall percentile score.

Actual 2008 GMAT scores with quant and verbal breakup

Actual 2007 GMAT scores with quant and verbal breakup